Weekly Weigh In



-17.6 total

I was really hoping for like a 30 pound loss (haha) with how much I was on point this week,  but it’s all good. A loss is a loss, I’m almost at 20 pounds which is weird to me because I don’t see the difference.  It’s like I had all this excess weight in my body somewhere, and it never showed up in my clothes.  If that makes sense.

I didn’t get to workout yesterday which totally threw my day, I’m always in a better mood when I work out.  the dog walk didn’t happen because of the storm last night so I didn’t get that chance either.


I have my meals planned out for the week, and I’m hitting up the gym everyday.  I decided that since I have classes at the gym I can take, I am going to try a few out.

Saturday 9:45 Kickbox Cardio… the description is: Kick, punch, bob and weave your way to a higher fitness level. Constantly move, getting in that cardio that we all want and need. You will walk away with a surge of energy and feeling ready for anything that comes your way. 55 Minute Workout.

Sunday 8:30 Body Works Plus Abs… the description is: A lightweight dumbbell workout moved to the beat of the music. Burn calories as you flow through a variety of exercises to sculpt and tone your body into shape! Notice improvements in your muscle tone, posture, balance and strength. A total body workout! 55 Minute Workout.

This way Jason can get his weight training on and I’ll be doing something other than running or the elliptical.

Oh it’s going to be funny watching me do this.  I am so uncoordinated.

Meal Plan for the week:

  • Wednesday: Greek Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (Jason is cooking)
  • Thursday: Greek Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner (From SkinnyTaste)
  • Friday: Chicken Taco Bowls (From SkinnyTaste)
  • Saturday: Out most likely
  • Sunday: Uh… haven’t decided yet – between Pan Seared Soy Glazed Flounder or Zero point noodles with turkey meatballs

Then we go to the grocery store and the whole thing starts over again.


How’s your week so far?



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