Motivation versus Discipline

So what is the difference between motivation and discipline?

Motivation, to me, is where you are so excited to be doing something for the end result.  With regards to weight loss, for me, it’s the “January Joiner” syndrome. Everything is new, fresh, exciting, and I am ready to go.  More than ready.  I’m kicking my own butt at the gym, and drinking water and nothing else, I’m binging on veggies and fruits, and silently judging people in the Krispy Kreme drive thru.

Then after week 1 or the first slip up, or getting sick, or being injured… and I am in that drive thru.

Discipline is when everything goes wrong that can go wrong, you stick to the plan anyway.  You don’t feel well?  Too bad, drop and give me 20.  You’re tired?  Still gotta run.  You want a cheeseburger?  Here is some celery.

So is “motivation” the cool aunt to discipline’s controlling parent?

At first I thought so.  I’ve started and stopped this journey so many times that I know that motivation can only take you so far.  It can take me about a week, and then I lose steam.  I lose momentum.

That’s when the discipline needs to kick in.

Story of the day:  I’m a high school teacher, and today the FFA (Future Farmers of America) club brought us donuts, bagels, and fruit.  I grabbed a banana and then a donut which I immediately felt bad about.  It sat on my desk for about 5 minutes before a student came in complaining how hungry they were because they didn’t have time to eat breakfast.  Voila!  Donut to the rescue.

She offered to give me half, and I declined.  I didn’t need it.  So where my motivation and discipline waned, I was able to rebound.  Thank you student!

Discipline is tough love, but it’s still love.  It might now seem like it when everyone is running around drinking on Saint Patrick’s Day and you are running a 5k before lifting for half an hour, and then sucking down a protein shake.

It may not seem like love when  you are waking up sore, the scale doesn’t move, and you are craving french fries and gravy.

But what makes it worthwhile, what makes the discipline worthwhile is seeing the running get easier, the clothes get looser, the energy skyrocket.

Obviously, these things haven’t started for me yet, as this is day 5 of being disciplined, but I know they are there.  I know they are coming.

But that isn’t enough to keep me in the game, really.  I’m being honest.  If I can’t see results pretty quick;ly I start to lose my edge.  So what do I do?

I’m choosing to think about how far I have come already.  Yes, I’ve lost the weight.  I’ve been at goal.  I have run a freaking marathon.  I have walked 60 miles over 3 days.  I have done everything I have ever put my mind to when it comes to fitness.

This is no different.

Happy Friday guys!


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